Ayur Spa

Ayur Spa is an amalgamation of ayurvedic products and western techniques which consist of aromatherapy, hotstone massages, cupping,salt therapy, Ice massage, Asiatsu, reflexology. Sanskritiayur spa will pamper yourself from time to time to destress, detox and relax your body and mind, create you feel well and good.

Sanskriti Ayur Spa is an amalgamation of high quality ayurvedic products, Yoga, International spa therapies and western techniques which consist of Reflexology, Deep tissue massage, Hot stone massage, Shiatsu, Ashiatsu, Vamshalochana massage, Rekki, Pranic healing, Hydrotherapy, Jaccuzzi, Sauna. Sanskriti ayur spa will pamper yourself from time to time to destress, detox and relax your body and mind, creat you feel well and good.

Our spa consultant will guide you and recommend the procedure most suited to you. Ayur Spa is specially designed by young vibrant practitioners and expert vaidhyas considering therapeutic effects and not even any deviations from international standards.

Our medical expertise will examine you in detail prior to all spa therapy. Therapies cannot be offered to pregnant ladies within the first 16 weeks of pregnancy and thereafter only selective therapies as per guidance. Minimum age for spa therapies is 18 years.

Appointments & Cancellations

We suggest that you arrive at the spa 20 minutes prior to your scheduled therapy time in order to maximize your enjoyment and use of the Hydrotherapy, Jaccuzi, Sauna relaxation area, from where you will be escorted for your therapy.

Please adhere to appointment schedule in order to takeaway the full advantage of the therapy. Late arrival will spoil your mood. Any cancellation within 4 hrs of scheduled appointment will incur a 50% cancellation fee. Full charges will be imposed for a no – show.

  • Schedule your therapies in advance, as the spa gets more engaged.
  • We will be providing a private locker in the spa area which will be equipped with robe and slippers to wear while in the spa. Feel free to wear your own loose, comfortable clothing if you prefer.
  • Disposable underwear will also be provided and can be used as per your discretion. Jewellery, watch etc must be removed and kept in the locker, your therapist will meet you and guide you to your therapy room, feel free to enjoy the relaxation area at the spa after your treatment.
  • Once in your therapy room, your therapist will step out while you remove your robe and climb under the towel for your treatment. You’ll be draped for privacy at all times.
  • For your own relaxation and that of our other guests, the spa is a laptop and cell phone-free zone.
  • Our ultimate aim to is to provide you homely ambiance with an memorable and stress-free experience.

World Class Experience @ Sanskriti Wellness

Going back in time, researching ancient texts, the knowledge gleaned from the secrets of Egyptian princesses, the practices of ancient Rome, the rituals of the pagan Greeks, the origins of the first European spas, the spiritual teachings from the masters of Japan, have all been brought together new ways in the form of revitalising experiences such as, the pressure points and tension release work of reflexology, the deeply relaxing deep tissue and hot stone massage, the magical japanese touch of Shiatsu, Ashiatsu, musical bamboo massage, the gentle healing touch of Reiki, Pranic healing, Watering your roots with Hydrotherapy, Jacuzzi, cleansing out debris with egyptian sauna, few of the experiences that help to relax, revitalize and rejuvenate.

Benefits of Panchakarma Therapies

Reflexology ( 60 Minutes )

Reflexologists apply pressure on the soles of the feet with their fingers after application of ayurvedic medicated oils to help restore and maintain the body’s natural equilibrium. This gentle therapy encourages the body to work naturally to restore its own healthy balance. It is a myth that reflexology should be painful to be effective; reflex points are stimulated to restore energy flow to the body as a whole, wherein the slightest touch can have a marked effect on a person’s overall well being.

Deep Tissue Massage (90 Minutes )

Deep tissue massages involve the understanding of the different layers of the body and the ability to work with the tissues in these layers to relax, lengthen, and release holding patterns in the most effective and energy-efficient way possible. In deep tissue massages, there is less emphasis on pleasure and more focus on altering structure and muscle restriction that are the primary goals. The alleviation of pain, bringing about better posture, more flexibility and fluid movements are potential goals that are possible to achieve with deep tissue massages. Deep tissue massage is especially recommended for most forms of chronic muscle tension, regardless of its source. It is generally effective with persons who complain of overall body tension due to stress or over exertion. It can also produce significant relief in other specific areas of chronic tension in the body.

Hot Stone Massage ( 90 Minutes )

Hot stone massage is a deep powerful form of massage that improves posture and circulation. The warmth of hot basalt stones creates sensations of comfort and warmth, relaxing and releasing tension. This massage can be performed with or without application of ayurvedic herbals or oils. azIn contrast, the cold marble stones help the body to detoxify and heal, helping to strengthen the mind- body connections, leaving you feeling refreshed, energised and rebalanced.

Shiatsu ( 90 Minutes )

Shaitsu is a japanese version of full body pressure point massage experience involving the application of pressure with the thumbs, palms, elbows and fists to certain pressure points or areas on the body with more pressure in order to maintain physical and mental well being. Shaitsu has a strong reputation for reducing stress improving circulation and boosting the immune system. It also appears to have sedative effects and may alleviate insomnia. In a broader sense, Shaitsu is believed to enhance physical vitality and emotional well being.

Ashiatsu ( 120 Minutes )

Ashaitsu is a full body pressure point massage experience involving the application of pressure with the different parts of foot like toes, heel of the technician balance over bar to certain pressure points or areas on the body in order to apply more gravitational pressure maintain physical fitness. Ashaitsu is strongly recommended for reducing unwanted fat deposition, improving circulation and boosting the immune system. All in the sense it enhances flexibility, aggility, endurance and increase health stamina mainly in sports sector.

Vamshalochana Massage ( 90 Minutes )

Bamboo massage has its origins in Chinese, Indonesian and Japanese Cultures. Bamboo is known for its healing properties and the massage works at all levels to balance, calm and energize, mentally and spiritually. The bamboo sticks of various length and widths provide a deep and soothing massage that helps to stretch and elongate the muscles. Performed after application of medicated oils or paste over body parts. It loosens the fascia that binds muscles and breaks down scar tissue. The oil used contains rosehip, sunflower and Vitamin E with pure bamboo essential oil known for its silica content which is a natural collagen.

Reiki Healing (60 Minutes)

When the mind is at peace with the body, healing is accelerated. Rekki heals aura with help of certain symbols, visualization, chanting of sacred words and laying of hands. Be empowered with Reiki healing. Reiki is a gentle hands-on healing technique that promotes a deep level of relaxation and healing on a physical, mental emotional and spiritual level. Reiki uses the universal life force energy to break up energy blockages with the body, allowing healing energy to flow again freely and stimulating the body’s natural ability to heal itself. It reduces stress and anxiety and brings the body, mind, emotions and spirit into balance. For many, Reiki opens the door to positive change and can offer support for many types of illnesses.

Pranic Healing(60 Minutes)

Within a few centuries, the art of spiritual healing will be increasingly developed and universally used. Pranic Healing is a revolutionary and comprehensive system of natural healing techniques that scan aura and uses prana-the life force energy to treat illness. It a process of channelizing and harmonizing the prana the life force energy. Pranic Healing has been described as a simple and yet very powerful technology that can be employed with immediate benefits to the patient. Science explains to us that energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can be transformed from one form to another. it can help transform all the negative results in your life into positive results – sickness into well-being, lack into abundance, stress into peace of mind and failing relationships into healthy, strong bonds.

Hydrotherapy (60minutes)

Aquatic therapy, water therapy, or hydropathy use pure spring hot or cold water with regulated pressure for all therapies. Hydrotherapy in combination with pure essential oils relaxes, detoxifies, invigorates the body, improves strength while boosting immunity, circulation, metabolism, reduces joint pain, ease muscle stress and aiding in the body’s healing process. It act as a treatment for temporary skin-related issues, such as burns and septic ulcers, or for chronic health conditions, such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. Hydro Aromatic Bath blends of invigorating, detoxifying or spice bath oils are added to the bath to suit your specific needs.

Jaccuzi ( 30 Minutes )

A high-pressure shower jet is directed at the body to activate circulation and re-contour the body. Recommended for mobilising fat stores and reducing cellulite. Hydrotherapy, or water therapy, is a complementary therapy that uses water for health purification, addition to aiding recovery, jacuzzi improves endurance and provides cardiovascular benefits without increased stress on joints. In the water, patients often have increased mobility and balance, allowing them to improve their strength, reduce muscle and joint soreness, and generally recover quicker.

Sauna (30 Minutes)

Sauna is a small room or building designed as a place to experience dry or wet heat sessions, or an establishment with one or more of these facilities. The steam and high heat make the bathers perspire. Saunas are for relaxation and cardiovascular health.


Disclaimer : Its mandatory to consult our medical team, before starting any therapy/yoga/diet at Sanskriti Wellness Centre