Rules expected to be observed by Client

Respected client you are here for rejuvenate and revitalize your body mind and soul, your effort will be more fruitful if we together concentrate on your health issues and solve it at the earliest and safest methods.

Each client will be packed with a specific schedule from arrival day to departure day.

  • During security check in, belongings regarding clients are inspected as this will be helpful for your safe and secure stay.
  • Clients are not allowed to leave our premises during scheduled days, except emergency conditions.
  • Food and beverages from outside is not permitted during the stay.
  • Spiritual silence boosts speedy recovery during therapy and client should try to restrain themselves from participating in unwanted and energy consuming activities.
  • Clients have to strictly follow the diet and regimes prescribed by physicians.
  • Clients should take proper care of their surroundings and environment cleanliness.
  • Use of polybags is prohibited inside the premises.
  • Flowers and plants are important part of centre which ensures the essence of nature’s livelihood. Every client is requested not to pluck flowers, leaves etc. and also should not tease any bird, animal, insect or reptile.
  • Avoid spitting anywhere.
  • Pets are not allowed inside the premises.
  • Non Veg, Egg, Alcohol, Pan Masala, Tobacco, Gutkha, Narcotics, Smoking and all such intoxications are strictly prohibited in the premises.
  • Every client has to ensure good decency in their clothing, it is mandatory to avoid tight clothing during stay and therapy section.
  • Clients can carry their own gown or they can purchase from outlet at the premise.
  • Laundry services will be available as per request and will be chargeable.
  • Management of Sanskriti wellness centre reserves all the rights to expel any client for any indiscipline without showing any cause and refund will not be given in this situation.
  • Mobile phones are restricted in therapy area and yoga hall.
  • Minimize your valuable documents and ornaments during stay.
  • Guests and relatives of client are allowed to visit them only on Saturday and Sunday from 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM.
  • Clients are expected to attend Panchakarma therapy/Ayur spa/Cosmetology/Alternative therapy, Prayer, Meditation, Yogic exercises, Internal medicines and other activities regularly according to scheduled time observing proper disciplines.
  • Clients are advised not to bring any valuable stuff during treatment processes.
  • Prescribed Investigation test for client will be scheduled at 8:00 AM during empty stomach.
  • On call Ayurveda Specialists, Medical Astrologist (Ayurveda), Physiotherapist will be provided on request and will be chargeable.
  • During security check out, belongings regarding clients will be inspected as that will be helpful for your safe departure.


  • Strictly No liquor or tobacco / no smoking zone
  • No room service
  • Kids below age of 12 not permitted
  • No extra bed facilities
  • The property is a wellness centre & not hotel

Disclaimer : Its mandatory to consult our medical team, before starting any therapy/yoga/diet at Sanskriti Wellness Centre