Kalari Marma Thirumal

Expertise from south India(kerala)especially doctors and technicians performs, Chavittithirummal-Martial artistic massage with foot balance on rope and Marma-Vital point manipulations according to needy.

Kerala is blessed with inborn talented physicians who made new interventions and developments in many branches of Āyurveda including Pancakarma. They have made concrete methods for many procedures which have not been detailed in classical texts and by the strong basement laid by them; these procedures became the common practice of Kerala physicians. Pādāghāta (Chavitti thirumal), Marma Uzhichil, etc are among such therapies which is least explained in the texts but well-practiced in Kerala. Kalari Massage is a traditional massage, using hand and feet by applying appropriate pressure on vital part of human body, to stimulate the Maṛma points on the body. Maṛma treatment (Maṛma cikitsa), comes under Siddha Vaidya, attributed to the sage Agastya and his disciples. Kalaripayattu martial arts not only trained in battle but also developed a range of healing modalities known as Kalari Cikitsa, which comprises various massage techniques; Cavitti Tirummal, Maṛma Massage (Uzhichil), Marma kettu (Bandages)and the application of medicinal herbal oils.

Padaghata (120 Minutes)

Expertise from southindia (kerala)especially doctors and technicians performs, Martial artistic massage with foot balance on rope and Marma-Vital point manipulations according to needy, otherwise known as Chavitti Uzhichil or Chavitti Thirumal. Internationally it can be related to Ashiatsu / Bare foot massage which is widely practiced in Japan and China. In Kerala, Pādāghāta is being practiced mainly in three domains: Indigenous martial artists (Kalari) for building up muscular body and for improving flexibility 2) Dance artists (Kathakali artists) for extra Physical strength, for balancing body and to shape up their body for their better performance 3) Physicians for treating Diabetes, Low Back Pain, Obesity, Hyperlipidemia etc. and also for treating specific injuries like sprains. Thus Pādāghāta seems to be effective in promoting fitness and flexibility of the body and also curing many diseases. Cavitti Tirummal, literally meaning "foot pressure" in the Malayalam language and also known as "foot/rope massage", is a traditional Indian massage technique, developed by the Kalari Martial Artists of Kerala, South India. The warriors used Cavitti Tirummal to maintain inner fluidity of the body and to increase flexibility and strength in the muscles, joints and ligaments. This brings together the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual balancing aspects of life.

Traditional Kalari Massage ( 120 minutes )

Traditional Kalari Massage, also known as passive marma massage, combines gentle rocking and rhythmic compressions with targeted pressure points and assisted yoga stretches. Kalari massage revitalizes both body and mind and balances the energy flow within. The therapist will tailor each treatment to meet your individual needs.It helps to shape up the body by liquefying unwanted fat deposition.

Marma uzhichil ( 60 minutes )

The Marmas (vital points) are a very important part of Ayurvedic anatomy and surgery. A marma point is an anatomical spot where flesh, veins, arteries, tendons, bones and joints meet up and prana (life force) is situated. There are 107 marma points throughout the body. Each point has its own intelligence and consciousness, which co-ordinates between the mind and body. This ancient form of treatment uses the fingers to stimulate the marma points, thereby promoting physical and mental recuperation. This therapy strengthens the organ systems and tissues, relieves physical and mental blockages of energy, improves lymph drainage, relaxes muscles and improves quality of sleep.

Prista Marma Thirumal (90 minutes)

Prista Varma, complete Spine care and Back therapy, refers to the entire spinal column. It is a complete spine therapy, which involves three systemic procedures prista-vasti, prista-abhyanga and prista-pichu-swedana to strengthen the spine and supporting tissues. The prista marma therapy starts with the process of oil pooling, (prista vasti) in which the warm medicated oil is retained inside a herbal paste crevice on the entire spinal area of the body for some time; followed by a deep massage on the entire back (prista abhyanga) ending with rhythmic tapping and then a massage using warm poultices or cotton soaked oil over the spine and back. This intensive treatment strengthens back muscles by releasing the stiffness, lubricates the joints to make them flexible and pain free. It also alleviates lower back conditions like lumbar spondylitis; inter vertebral disc prolapses, lumbago and sciatica.

Shiro Marma Massage ( 30 minutes )

Kalari head massage focusing on marma vital points stimulation. This ancient experience relaxes, tones and eases muscle tension in the neck, head scalp and shoulders, it also aids in the elimination of toxins by stimulating circulation, creating a positive energy flow through the chakras and leaving you in a state of tranquillity and peace.


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