Physiotherapy is a comprehensive approach to healthcare which is done by professionals who are dedicated to help patients increase their ability to move and function well. It restores and maintains functional movement, minimizes pain and promotes overall wellness.

Physiotherapy does wonders to the body by providing the following benefits as it :

  • Provides valuable information on maintenance and support programs to minimize re occurrence of a certain condition or functional decline.
  • Boosts and maintains physical performance and overall body function.
  • Assists with injury, disability and disease processes.
  • Controls acute and chronic conditions and activity restrictions.
  • Restores injury and the effects of disability with selected exercise programs and other necessary activities.

Conditions Treated by Physiotherapy-

Physiotherapy treats a wide array of conditions including:


Physiotherapy offers assistance for people suffering from cardiopulmonary conditions. They can have enhanced day to day physical activity through a series of exercises and resistance training. Additionally, there are manual therapy and exercise that aid with secretion clearing in the lungs. Counseling is also given to patients to prevent future recurrence and behavior modification.

Neurological Conditions

For cerebral palsy and paralytic patients, physiotherapy is vital in enhancing postural control, minimizing spasticity and deformity. Physiotherapy helps people through device utilization to increase functional independence.

Orthopedic Cases

Orthopedic cases are one of the most common conditions that can be treated with physiotherapy. This includes injuries, headaches, spinal pain, and fractures. Treatments involve techniques to improve strength and motion through manipulation, soft tissue massage, and trigger point therapy. This helps in minimizing stiffness and in relieving pain.


Disclaimer : Its mandatory to consult our medical team, before starting any therapy/yoga/diet at Sanskriti Wellness Centre